We are not only a religious foundation, The establishment of the YAYASAN OUR ISLAMIC CENTER on January 9, 2018 to establish the love of fellow human beings through the programs we make and develop a whole person who practice divine values and virtuous.
While the existence of the YAYASAN OUR ISLAMIC CENTER will run smoothly if there is assistance from all parties , that can become the bridge between us and our surrounding.

Legality of  Yayasan Our Islamic Center  was registered  at the  THE MINISTRY OF LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA on January 9, 2018.

                                         Profile of Foundation

Foundation Name                          : Yayasan Our Islamic Center

Founder                                            : Mr. Kasrowi

Mission                                             : Caring For Humanity, Environment and Education

Date of Establishment                 : January 9, 2018

Secretariat                                      : Dsn. Karang Gayam Banjarejo, Bancar, Tuban, East Java,                                                                                                              Indonesia 62354

Notarial Deed.                               : no 02 . Hasan Marzuki, S.H., M.Kn No. AHU-1.139.AH.02.01 In 2013,                                                                                      December 31, 2013

Legality of Foundation                : DECREE OF THE MINISTER OF LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS OF THE                                                                                            REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA No.: AHU-0000211-AH.01.04.TAHUN 2018

Tax Number                                  : 837949940

                      YOU CAN SEND YOUR AID VIA

Bank Name                                   : PT. BANK NEGARA INDONESIA

SWIFT CODE                                   : BNINIDJA

ACCOUNT NUMBER                      :  0673654163-IDR

ACCOUNT NAME                          : Our Islamic Center




BOARD MEMBERS                                                                             VOLUNTEERS

Mr. Kasrowi (Director)

Mr. Jundullah Almaududi ( Chairman)                                    Mr. Tarwi ( Environment)

Mr. Rasiban (Supervisor)                                                           Mr. Sarpan (Humanity)

Mrs. Mastamah (Treasurer)                                                      Mrs. Sandy Kurniawati (Education)

Mrs. Erniwati (Secretary)



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