Using bamboo houses to reduce earthquake vulnerability that often occurs in Indonesia

Don’t take bamboo lightly. It looks less valuable and sounds trivial. However, in Indonesia which is frequently hit by earthquakes, bamboo houses are very useful because they are earthquake resistant.

When an earthquake occurs, the bamboo poles will ‘play’ following the earthquake shock, the walls will not be cracked, let alone a traditional bamboo house that is pure or which is entirely made of bamboo.
The bamboo house is indeed capable of quenching the earthquake because of the light nature of the material, as well as the non-rigid joint structure.

Indonesia is prone to earthquakes. For those who live in urban areas with wall houses, if there is leftover land behind the house bamboo houses can be built as a second home. Many advantages of bamboo houses,

Bamboo house walls allow more air circulation. This is caused by gaps in the walls of the bamboo house, even though they appear tightly closed. Bamboo houses have a flexible power so even though they are old, bamboo houses will not collapse at once.

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